I Want You to Know (EP)

by Are You Sure?

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(c) 2014 RMI Records, a division of Resonant Motion, Inc.

Recorded at home by NB with one mic and a computer and some instruments and household objects.

All songs (c) 2014, Noah Baerman, published by Chedda Chowda Music, ASCAP

Cover art by Dave Kopperman


released December 12, 2014

NB - vocals, acoustic and electric lead, rhythm and slide guitars, bass, organ, drums, percussion, harmonica, kazoo . . .


all rights reserved



Are You Sure? Middletown, Connecticut

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Track Name: Fuzzy
Everybody needs a bodyguard
to keep the bad guys at bay
Bein’ a good guy shouldn’t be so hard
but sometimes it just works out that way

All my enemies have a good disguise
To all the world they seem good
My bodyguard can see it in their eyes
even though they thought nobody could

Fuzzy watches over me when I sleep
A harmless looking dude with a badass rep
So if I’m not awake to hear you creep
Don’t get too comfy, ‘cause he’ll cut you if you take another step

Fuzzy’s good with his disguises too
You’d think he was a teddy bear
But mess with me and man, you’ll see it’s true
He’ll bite your freaking throat off if you dare


Guitar solo

Track Name: I Want You to Know
I’m not looking for comeuppance or revenge
Or reparations I should be receiving
I just hope you’ll take a little of the load
From all my years of solitary grieving

I’ve worked on my anger
And all my other hurtin’
So it’s time for you to
Take on some of the burden

(So) I want you to know
I want you to know
I want you to know
I want you to know
I just want to share the truth
Before the tears begin to flow
I want you to know
I want you to know
I want you to know

Laying out the truth shouldn’t be so bad
I’m not arguing so spare me your rebuttal
I don’t need for you to take on all the blame
I’m asking here for something much more subtle

Just silently listen
Don’t stop me to alert me
That you now need comfort
From the pain of knowin’ you hurt me


Guitar Solo

Track Name: If I Could Cry
If I could cry for you baby, maybe I could let go of all the pain I feel inside
If I could cry for you baby, maybe I could let go of all the pain I feel inside
But I already got no one to love me, and they’d love me even less if I broke down and cried

You weren’t the first to hurt me, but I hope that you’re the last
Cause if I get hurt any more, baby, I’m’a need a body cast
I wanna cry for you baby, my heart is tattered and my heart is torn
And it’s been storin’ up the hurt since the day that I was born

I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout trauma and therapy and such
I just know you broke my heart and I didn’t even love you all that much
Maybe I’d forgive you baby if the tears began to flow
And I could heal from all the hurt from everyone who hurt me befo’
Track Name: Grubby Mitts
Everywhere I go people want to touch me
From a handshake to a hug from a long-lost friend
I don’t appreciate it very muchly
I’ve got a lot of personal space here to defend

The last time that I went to see a doctor
I was 22 or maybe 23
When she touched my arm I SCREAMED and it shocked her
And I ain’t goin’ back if she thinks she can lay her paws on me

Keep your grubby mitts off
Don’t touch, don’t even look
Gimme back the hand that you just shook
Back off and don’t make me call the police
I know you only want a piece
Keep your grubby mitts off
Don’t touch, don’t even look
I don’t need no damn psychology book
It doesn’t matter that we only just met
And that you haven’t tried to touch me yet

The girls I see in pictures are much safer
On the internet or in a magazine
When I bring a real girl by it tends to chafe her
As we walk into my room and I keep 10 feet in between


Guitar solo

Track Name: 100 Years
In 15 more minutes the sugar crash will come from the pie
I’ll put in my earplugs, the sleeping mask will cover my eyes
I’ll turn off my phone and read goodnight moon
When will I get some rest, please dear God soon

My body is weary
And I’m reamed out from all the tears
When my head hits the pillow
I will sleep a hundred years

I’m trying to remember just what it’s like to wake up refreshed
For it’s been so long since I felt that way and I’m reaching my thresh-
old for pushing and running on fumes
Oh how I long for a dark quiet room.




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